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What The Giver Gave Me

Updated: May 28

The Giver is a utopian book about a remarkable boy named Jonas who lives in what is called “the Community”. It is a place of no differences, no lying, no color, no violence, no pain, or any true emotions. You are assigned your job, spouse, and home. In the Community there is no choice, but at least there is peace. When children turn twelve, they are appointed their job. However, when Jonas turns twelve, he is assigned a mysterious role in his society, that opens him up to the past, the actual present, and soon to be the future. When Jonas takes up this position, he is changed, and soon realizes the Community, and life within it, is not enough. He knows there is more than this peaceful, emotionless place, that he used to call home. 

I was very engaged while reading The Giver. Although it was a short read, it addressed a large topic, in a very creative and enjoyable way. I thought it was very interesting the way the author wrote a story of a world with no true emotions, which then accentuated how feelings have changed our world, for both better and worse. With deep love and happiness comes sadness and anger. These emotions have created amazing lives, and started wars. Humans have such deep and strong feelings, and it has shaped the world we live in today. This topic is intense, and the author has done an exceptional job of inspiring this matter, but still leaves enough room for readers to interpret the idea in their own way. I also appreciated how in the end of the book, once Jonas has been exposed to this idea, he realizes he couldn’t live in the Community, and must discover more, now that he knows there is more to life. It further shows that feeling this kind of happiness we experience now can overshadow the hatred and sadness that go hand in hand. These astounding emotions are too remarkable to ignore and hide from people, which is highlighted in every way throughout The Giver. 

I recommend this book to readers who like dystopian or utopian books. The Giver is also an excellent book for readers who like interesting topics, that are certainly going to give you                                 something to think about. I thought The Giver was an enjoyable light read, with an interesting and deep meaning; a perfect balance. 

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