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What You Need To Know About Sawyer Kerr

Sawyer Hilborn Oster Kerr preferred pronouns are he/him. Sawyer loves skateboarding because “there are a bunch of ways you could go with skateboarding, you can use it to travel, and you can also use it to do tricks,” the versatility is an aspect he enjoys. History is one of his favorite subjects in school because he likes learning the reasoning behind how the world is shaped today. Sawyer wants to be a student leader and edit for the WCA Howler. However, there is more to Sawyer than meets the eye.

When asked about how 2020 was going, he tried to stay positive “2020 has definitely been a rough year, but it could always get worse.” Thinking back, he would have changed the way he did online school a lot earlier, not been lazy, and prioritized school work. Now he feels like he got a lot better and more productive. When it comes to going back to school, Sawyer says that “[he] would definitely enjoy going back, but I think it would be better for teachers to stay online after they have been adjusting all summer to get the online school to work.”

A subject that Sawyer cares deeply about is affordable healthcare because not everyone has access to it, causing people to suffer. The stem of this concern came from when his family thought his grandma had contracted COVID-19. Sawyer realizes that his grandma would have gotten the healthcare she needed, but many other Americans and people around the world don’t have good or any healthcare at all, which is not fair.

As for the future, Sawyer says that he is planning on doing algebra in 8th grade. He’s not sure what high school he is going to go to, but Tamalpias Highschool is definitely an option, especially if he doesn’t get into other private schools. When asked about goals for the next 2-3 years, he wants to take life one step at a time. “I guess you could say that I’m just trying to get through this year, and after this year, I have no clue what’s going to happen,”

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